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A correspondent calls Halloween a 'menace'. See letter
A correspondent calls Halloween a 'menace'. See letter

Race is off due to ‘issues’

Sadly we have to announce that the Boxing Day Pram Race, after many years, is to be cancelled.

This is due to a number of issues, for instance health and safety, insurances, policing and event management. All these combine to make the event more and more difficult, if not impossible, to stage.

We take this opportunity to sincerely thank the landlords and publicans who have given their time and turned over their premises to us for use on the day.

Also, thanks to all the people who have supported and taken part in the pram race, enabling us to raise large amounts of money for various charities.

Our thanks must go to Diane and Sharon who have worked tirelessly helping organise this annual event, making it one of the highlights of the year.

Please know that this decision has not been arrived at without some soul searching.

We would like at his point to apologise to the Lovatt family who instigated the Pram Race and we are so sorry to see it finish.

Perhaps another organisation may be able to run it in the future, we hope so.

With regrets,

W. Houghton (president),

On behalf of Longridge Field Day


Change from blue to red

Sajid Javid’s comments supporting his decision to allow fracking were based on the fact adjacent house prices and public health were not important.

Not to him, this Government or Cuadrilla perhaps, but they are of vital importance to the people whose lives will be affected by this decision.

Can you imagine the furore if any of the shale gas companies applied for permission to drill in the Home Counties?

Come the next general election, given the massive opposition to this dirty business, I can see the political colour of most of Lancashire turning away from its traditional bright blue because our new Prime Minister has now proven herself to be a liar. “Democracy, a Government for and of the people.” Rubbish!

Given Corbyn’s public stance on banning fracking, the map colour will surely change.

David Nicholls,

via email


We need a ban on fracking

The UK Government will soon ratify the Paris climate agreement.

The world’s countries have agreed this treaty, recognising that climate change is the greatest threat to all humanity, and there is strong agreement amongst experts that we have already reached a point that is really serious.

The Government cannot claim to be serious about tackling climate change, and start a whole new fossil fuel industry which is a cause of it, or build a fracking infrastructure which would take time to decommission, rather 
than importing gas until 
clean renewables can take over.

If only for these reasons, the Government must hold a vote in Parliament to ban fracking before any further drilling takes place.

Please sign the petition on the Green Party ‘Home’ page, – just click on the petition icon on the top of the page as it appears.

Philip Mitchell,

North Lancashire Green Party


Menace of Halloween

It seems to me that Halloween is a menace, and has become more so in recent years (American influence perhaps?)

I certainly have no recollections of kids and adults making such an issue of it when I was a youngster.

Above all, it’s not just restricted to one night, pumpkins have been on sale since mid-September.

And it’s not just Halloween 
I hate, bonfire night is another.

Remember, remember I could well do without.

And in this respect I know I speak for those with pets who have a terrible time with dogs that don’t understand all the loud bangs.

These start well before November 5 (and after) too.

Neil Kendall,

Address supplied