WI makes plea to former members

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FORMER members of Longridge WI who feel they would like to rejoin could save the branch from its impending closure in the new year.

Current members felt this could be one way forward to stop the 57 year old branch from folding by giving it a new lifeline and perhaps increasing its all-time low membership of 20.

After last week's account of its threatened demise in The News, the local WI's press secretary Margery Cook said she had not received any requests for membership so far, nor had there been any enquiries about the threatened closure.

"We have two meetings still to go before a final decision in January, which gives us a bit more breathng space," said Mrs Cook.

"But I'm afraid I think its future is doubtful. Any new members who might come forward will not want to go on the committee and take on the major jobs.

"The only hope is that past members could come forward to rejoin and give us a winning chance of survival."

Grimsargh author David Hindle is the speaker for the group's December 18 meeting and, ironically, booked as possibly the final guest in January is Pat Ashcroft, talking about her sponsored cycle trip to Cuba when she raised money for the WI's own Denman College.

Longridge WI started in 1949 and has always had a very active membership and community connection over the years.

Delegates attend county and national federation meetings, hold their own meetings each month with interesting speakers and take part in local shows and events.

Founder and long-standing members expressed their sadness at the news of impending closure last week but, as one commented ""I do not want the branch to close, but enthusiasm from possible younger members just doesn't seem to be there."