Banksy style artwork branded 'sweet' by chocolate workers

Chocolate factory owner Andrew Whiting with the Banksy-style artwork.
Chocolate factory owner Andrew Whiting with the Banksy-style artwork.

It may not be a genuine Banksy, but soft-centred staff at a chocolate factory reckon it is just as sweet.

A mystery artist left a spray-painted doggy portrait on the window of Beech's in Preston overnight.

And the workers love it so much they have decided to keep it - weather permitting.

"It's brilliant. And it really cheered everyone up," said company boss Andrew Whiting.

"So, as long as it doesn't wash off in the rain, we will be leaving it there."

Checks on CCTV to identify the painter have drawn a blank.

Detective work online suggest it might be the work of Hull's answer to Banksy, a street artist called Preg. But no-one knows for sure.

"It was on the window of the foyer when we arrived for work," explained Andrew, the owner and chairman of Beech's Fine Chocolates in Fletcher Road.

"We tried to look on the CCTV to see if we could spot who did it, but we didn't have any luck. When the infra-red camera came on there was a spider's web in front of the lens.

"It's a complete mystery really. It has clearly been done using a stencil and, when we looked online, we found Preg from Hull who uses stencils and has been known to paint dogs.

"He's a bit in the style of Banksy. But if it was him, what was he doing in Preston and why did he choose our window to paint on?"