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AKS boasted a 100 per cent pass rate at A-Level with 16 students leaving with a clean sweep of straight A* and A grades.

Headmaster Mr Mike Walton applauded pupils and staff for the ‘tremendous’ performance, which will see many heading to chosen universities from Oxford and Durham to the United States.

He said: “I am very pleased with the success of our students across the board. We are particularly pleased with our value added data, which shows how much extra has been added at every ability level; in other words our pupils have achieved higher grades than national predictions indicate.

“This is a tremendous performance and is indicative of our academic ambition for all at AKS.”

Head of Sixth Form, Mr Phil Hayden added: “Behind these fantastic results are of course a range of individual successes.”

Here are all the A level results for AKS.

Four Passes

R Ainsworth, J Ashton, O Bloor, E Brooks, H Butcher, S Clare, T Forster, K Gilligan, S Guleri, B Holyoak, K Hopkins, S Hopkins, H Kneale-Kaye, L Makin, W Nickson, H Nutter, T Perrin, S Singh, M Swallow, L Wheeldon, G Woodsford

Three Passes

J Armit, T Aspinall, A Atherton, L Bamber, M Betmead, H Bickerstaffe, A Bisset, J Box, R Boyce, D Brooker, T Cookson, H Cornwall, O Cornwall, J Cowell, H Denison, E Fackey, R Fewster, S Fowler, R Frith-Jones, L Gabbitas, I Ghosh, T Gordon, I Goss, S Gould, A Hargreaves, I Hirsh, A Hood, R Humphries, S Hutchinson, J Ingham-Gore, K Kelly, A Kenworthy, O Kidner, A Lanigan, T Leah, M Lucas, J Makepeace, A Marsland, H McLafferty, M Milesi, C O’Neil, M Patel, M Patterson, T Pennington, K Poon, D Sharpe, G Smith, A Stanier, S Thomas, C Tighe, A Verma, G Waktare, B Whitaker

Two Passes

A Vowles-Bradley, L Whalley