PNE scrap new red kit after fans revolt

The controversial red kit which has been abandoned.
The controversial red kit which has been abandoned.

Fan power has forced Preston North End to scrap its new red away kit.

The club has announced today it will abandon the change strip and revert back to last season's yellow after "significant" numbers of supporters expressed "disquiet" over the switch to red.

With kit sponsor 32Red continuing on the front of the shirts for the coming season, fans felt it was "both expensive and unfair" to make last year's yellow strip obsolete after just 12 months.

In a statement issued this, a spokesman said: "Since we announced the club's kit colours for the forthcoming season we have had a significant number of our supporters expressing disquiet about the fact that we had indicated a change of our second/third kit option from yellow to red.

"They pointed out that we had changed sponsor three times in the previous three years and for once our principal sponsors, 32Red, were to remain on the front of shirts in the coming season.

"It was felt in these circumstances that it was both expensive and unfair for us to make last season’s yellow away kit option obsolete.

"Having listened to our supporters' concerns, we have agreed to continue with a yellow away kit option for the coming season in addition to the green kit.

"The home kit for 2019/20, which was recently announced with an upgraded white shirt with blue shorts and blue and white hooped socks, went on sale today and is available both in the club shop at Deepdale or online at

"Supporters who have pre-ordered and pre-paid for the red kit option will be given a full refund.

"Sales details for the yellow away kit will be confirmed in due course."

Not all fans were happy with the U-turn. Comments on Twitter showed a level of unrest and support for the red alternative.

"This is ridiculous," stormed Balders. "I want and paid for the red kit! So does my son! Fuming is not the word... poor North End very poor."

And Neil Eccles said: "Just because some people didn’t like it doesn’t mean it needs to be completely scrapped?? Terrible decision."