REVIEW: ‘Death By Fatal Murder’, Clitheroe Parish Church AODS

Death by Fatal Murder review
Death by Fatal Murder review
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A spoof murder mystery set in 1940 – a witty, skilfully produced and acted playdirected by Lesley Haworth – kept audiences entertained.

The set of Bagshot House and the costumes conveyed the period and setting convinc-ingly, and all the characters were established and main-tained by a talented cast.

The disappearance of a police constable is investigated by the bumbling Inspector Pratt (a convincing Richard Hubbard) and his rather more efficient sidekick, Constable Thomkins, played with great charm by Damian Marsh.

Wendy Watson played the current owner of the house in a suitably flirty manner and Erica Mileham did really well to maintain the upper-class accent of Ginny Farquhar.

Miss Maple arrives to help out with the investigations and Sam Smith’s performance brought out the good-natured but quietly ruthless nature of the character.

A suspicious “Italian” (Peter Lambert) seemed very threatening and Squadron Leader Allwright was played in stiff upper lip fashion by Brian Haworth.

For me the standout performance was Kelly Steed as Blodwyn Morgan, a Welsh “medium” whose command of various accents was faultless and whose organisation of a séance provided the best scene in the play.

I felt that the use of radio mikes (for the first time in a play?) took away some of the nuance in the acting and was rather too loud at times.

This said, it was a very entertaining evening and all the hard work paid off.

The society continues to provide great productions for the Ribble Valley and we look forward to their musical production “Me and My Girl” from February 13th to 20th.