Award for ‘Little Voices’ school

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Some of the students who attend the award winning Little Voices. (s)

The organisation, which has nurtured the talents and built the confidence of thousands of students across the UK in safe, small groups, has been presented with the award by Kallikids which is striving to get the after school activities sector regulated.

Co-founder of Little Voices and principal of the flagship location that runs classes in Clitheroe that has won the award, Jane Maudsley, said she is “thrilled” that parents votes lead to the organisation picking up the award for Best School Aged Music Activity.

“It is testament to our fabulous tutors, pupils, parents, head office staff and franchisees,” said Jane. “We are a company striving to be the best in all that we do; nurturing talent and building confidence. We really are inspirational education for the next generation and this award couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Inspirational drama and singing education for the next generation – not just excellent drama and singing training, but skills for life taught as an extracurricular activity in exceptionally small groups of only six or eight with a commitment to individual attention to ensure the development of each individual child.”

She added: “I am so very passionate about the education of children. I am driven to ensure that every child nationally has an opportunity to excel, build their confidence, self-esteem and nurture their talents paying attention to key life skills too: the art of presentation skills, eye contact, posture, teamwork, respect, preparation to name but a few.

“The core subjects are being taught in schools, but the subjects that really enhance a person socially, mentally and spiritually are sadly being axed more and more. This award is the first step towards that journey!”

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