Pop group passes on cyber safety message to their fans at school

Members of Everyoung with some of the pupils at the mini concert
Members of Everyoung with some of the pupils at the mini concert

Inspired by a visit from new British pop group Everyoung, wannabe performers from Garstang Community Academy belted out some hits of their own live on stage in Blackpool.

Talented students raised the roof with peformances from musicals alongside 700 schoolchildren for the Celebration of Music at Blackpool Winter Gardens.

It followed a mini concert at the school in Bowgreave where emerging group Everyoung wowed their young audiences and reached out to teenagers over the risks of cyberbullying.

Fifty five pupils presented a short set including ‘One Short Day’ from the popular Wicked! and number one song ‘Price Tag’ by Jessie J at the annual dance and music charity show.

Each year proceeds from the event are donated to a number of local children’s charities.

Meanwhile Everyoung stopped off in Garstang on their national school tour after Year 10 pupil Katie Haygarth won a local radio competition to invite them to her school.

Between songs they took part in a question and answer session where students and teachers quizzed the band.

They were asked about their performances, ambitions, and even what they had for breakfast.

The band, who came together after studying at the Sylvia Young Performing Arts School in London, have also been using the opportunity to raise awareness oagainst cyberbullying as ambassadors for the charity Cybersmile Foundation.

They promote young people staying safe on the internet and urge them to seek help if they have been hurt by messages online.

Alisdair Ashcroft, deputy headteacher, said: “This was an exciting event for the school and the children thought it was fantastic and a nice thing for the band to do.

“As a school we recognise the growing issue of cyberbullying and access to the internet. While we do not have huge numbers of problems we know children are picking up a lot from the social network sites and it is something we have spent a lot of time looking at in recent weeks.

“It is a message we are keen to push at school.”