Evil Blizzard hits Manchester

Evil Blizzard
Evil Blizzard
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After lightning hit Picadilly Station this week, the city should know how to deal with storms.

Yet they may still be unprepared to cope as Preston band Evil Blizzard descend on them this Saturday at the MRO Black Room, upstairs at Ducie Bridge in the city.

The Blizzard, who are The Fall frontman Mark E Smith’s new favourite band and were personally invited to tour with him earlier this year, are attracting lots of music industry attention due to their gripping stage show and their crushing sound, driven by no less than FOUR bassplayers.

They also turn the usual band structure on its head by having a singing drummer.

They appear alongside Super Fast Girlie Show and The Alexines.

Mark E Smith said of them, “I like Evil Blizzard, they give me hope that music is alive and kicking” while music journalist John Robb described them as “unlike any other band on the planet”.

Entry is free.