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The World That We Knew by Alice Hoffman: Hoffman’s ingenious alchemy blends ancient Jewish folklore, spine-tingling supernatural, and gut-wrenching reality in an exquisite formula that shocks, enchants, and makes us weep. - book review -

In the spring of 1941, the world of Jewish mother Hanni Kohn and her twelve-year-old daughter Lea is an increasingly terrifying place. Hanni’s heart surgeon husband, Simon, was murdered during a riot and now Hanni, her paralysed and bedbound Russian-born mother Bobeshi, and Lea are struggling just to stay alive.

Spot Ons Culturapedia team: Lyndsey Wilson, Stephie Jessop, Rob Howell and Sue Robinson

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It celebrates its 25th birthday next year and is a finalist in this year’s Lancashire Tourism Awards' ‘Cultural Venue/Organisation of the Year’ category. Fiona Finch reports on the enduring and innovative success of the Spot On touring network
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