Happy days takeaways

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Marino’s, 156 Watling Street Road, Fulwood

When a little family Italian restaurant opened within a walk from my parents in 2011, we were very keen to try it. Finding out they also did takeaway it was Happy Days



Italians are passionate about two things family and food and this can definitely be said of Marino’s on Watling Street Road, Fulwood.

It is always busy, even midweek, many are regular diners, which says a lot about the food. I am yet to be disappointed eating in and out.

Service on the phone is always pleasant and to date I have yet to have to wait for an order longer than 20mins. This was early teatime.

My order consists of a chilli and tomato garlic bread - a must, a ham and pineapple pizza, a spaghetti mazara de vallo and a meat calzone. I am not eating all of this alone, I might add!

You can’t go wrong with a pizza at Marinos.

A beautiful, authentic thin crust base with plenty of topping, a perfect blend of mozzarella and tomato and not in the least bit greasy which I have tended to find with many takeaway pizzas. It is just enough, not a bit of crust is left.

I’ve eaten the seafood pasta in the restaurant before but ordering a pasta dish on takeout especially with fish I admit I was a bit unsure.

But it was every bit as tasty and the traditional Sicilian flavours come right through.

The pasta was slathered with a very smooth white wine, tomato and chilli sauce and packed with mussels, prawns, clam and squid.

The portions are not overbearing and it went down very nicely with my own glass of wine at home!

The bill for all came in at £21.75, which was just as impressive. It’s a great price for excellent food. As I left I’m told ‘see you all next time’ – they most certainly will.

Nicola Jaques

Star rating: 9.5/10