‘Something of warmth and light in a cold, dark place’

Fire Beneath the Sea
Fire Beneath the Sea
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The Fire Beneath The Sea bring their eclectic explosion to Lancashire this weekend. TONY DEWHURST reports from the experimental dancefloor

Are you really ready for The Fire Beneath The Sea?

Fire Beneath the Sea

Fire Beneath the Sea

You’d better be, because this potent Liverpool collection are tearing it up with their dance floor destroying recipe of high-octane sound and juggernaut stage force.

“We like to see a crowd go mad and dance like absolute lunatics, and they usually do,” said leader Terra, AKA Mike ‘Flamin Shoes’ Hill.

So where did that fabulous name come from?

“The Fire Beneath the Sea is something of a great warmth and light, existing in a cold, dark place where you would not expect to find it,” adds Mike.

“Experimentation is the name of the game, though.

“We stitch together many different styles of music, but it is also a group of mates in crazy costumes and daft hats wanting to create the weekend’s biggest party.”

As you’ve probably gathered, The Fire Beneath The Sea trademark is a rambunctious concoction of sonic chaos and they arrive in Clitheroe on Saturday (June 20) surfing a towering musical wave.

No wonder, because at the last count there was 13 of them, all engineering and crafting this left field musical mix-up.

There’s five MCs for a start, a six piece band – including a three-strong brass section – a scratch DJ and a rapper as they weave a mazy trail through Hip Hop, Funk, Ska, Jazz, Swing, Dub and anything else that takes their fancy.

“We started off with six rappers, a bassist, DJ and a flautist, so things have got a bit of hand since then,” joked Mike.

He adds: “So, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce them: Armen Starfish, Llerraf Zafgir, Chairman Meow, Lady Lea, The Gerbil and me, who all sing.

“Then there’s the rest of the band: Captain Morgan, Barkerchop, Rojo Fyr Fox, Barry Exanthematicus, Wraith of the Woods, Jon Bone and Dooraj Jesus on the decks.”

Mike explains: “We don’t stick to a style of music in one song because that’s difficult when you’ve so many musicians adding their bits of tasty flavour to the boiling pot.

“We start off at one place and end at another, so it takes you on a colourful journey.

“There are lots of negative messages constantly rammed down people’s throats, so we try to talk about things which have a positive meaning, things that can bring people together, rather than just focusing on the dull aspects of life.

“Most of all, though, we play hard and dance our legs off.”

There’s a serious side too, and their thundering EP Phuxubtlety delves deep into the human condition.

“Phuxubtlety means flagrant disregard for subtlety and all it implies. The word encapsulates our ethos, intent, persuasion and direction.You never know, Fire Beneath The Sea may improve your spiritual health.”

The Fire Beneath The Sea plus DJ support are at Clitheroe Grand Theatre, June 20. £5. 01200 421599.