Jade Bird relishing live show with Stereophonics at Lytham Festival

Singer songwriter Jade Bird will be supporting Stereophonics on July 11 at Lytham Festival
Singer songwriter Jade Bird will be supporting Stereophonics on July 11 at Lytham Festival

Music critics are tipping singer songerwriter Jade Bird as the next thing to take over Stateside but it is something the 21-year-old is happy to take in her stride.

Her diverse and almost effortless range of rock and blues, folk, folk-pop blend see her transcend across many genres but she is not one to let labels define her, for the time being, she is enjoying the show.

As she explains, awaiting a flight in Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport, "It's a busy summer but that's great - we're playing lots of festivals

"We played Atlanta and Alabama, I've got a few more next week it's all proper festivals for me.

"I don't enjoy the anxiety ahead of a gig wondering if there is going to be two or three people or 300 , it's a bit nerve wracking but to be honest every festival show I've done has been really nice in a different way.

"Sometimes you have smaller crowds but really getting into the music and the Big Weekend I had a great crowd, people singing lyrics 'My Motto' back it's just been a really big surprise for me, it's been wonderful.

Stereophonics will headline Lytham Festival on July 11

Stereophonics will headline Lytham Festival on July 11

"It gets me emotional when people start singing back because I never really expected that, I've turned up places and there is no guarantee people are even going to know who I am."

The Northumbrian native who spent a large part of her youth growing up in South Wales, before moving to London at 16 to pursue her music, will be supporting Stereophonics, the second night of Lytham Festival on July 11 and she's excited with the prospect.

And with the exception of a Manchester date in late November her outing on Lytham Green will be one of the only chances to catch her in these parts this year such is her packed tour diary which will see her travelling length and breadth of the USA from July to November before taking her show to Europe.

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She adds: "It's a huge honour, supporting any band who have been around as long as the Stereophonics - they're a classic band.

"Songwriting is a big thing for me, they have some great songs and I really admire that.

"I'm thrilled to be on the line-up, I'm looking forward to it and really excited to bring the band."

Jade, released her debut EP in 2017 ‘Something American’ and was very quickly marked by critics as a new British breakout act , with particular attention to her songwriting talents Single ‘What Am I Here For’ was widely praised.

She was a finalist in the BBC Sound Of......2018 and her self titled debut album was released in April 2019 and has spawned tracks from piano ballad 'My Motto' and last year's singles "Uh Huh", "Lottery", and "Love Has All Been Done Before."

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Jade began song-writing at the age of 12 and said she was glad to take her time with the right sound of the album in order to present her 'true self.'

"There's some real young, new fantastic artists coming through on the scene right now and nice to be a part of that wave.

"The expectation is hard to get over at the beginning - it was difficult for people to get I can do a piano ballad and then a rock song and switch it all up, I think some people come on to that a bit slower than an obvious genre - I wish there were more alternative leaning females in the mainstream - it doesn't get the attention it should.

"But I like to think with my music and just the confidence to stick to what you do I hope other young girls seeing me doing that will inspire female singers in the making to trust themselves in those artistic decisions.

"I adore music above everything else and surround myself with people who love it equally and I live out my pure intentions as a result."

Jade is renowned for a lively set flitting between guitar and piano and her live show has equally attracted good reviews, she adds: "Live and songwriting are two things I'm most passionate about.

"Headline slots are great, I get to present the album as I want people to hear it whereas with festivals its about getting the audience rocking building a lot of energy to create that whole party atmosphere.

"You have to adapt but I really enjoy kind of adapting and working towards getting an audience's attention, I think it's really important.

I change the sets all the time, it's different depending on how I'm feeling, even on stage I'm quite renowned for skipping a song, putting one in and my band are like 'what?'

"It's about what feels right - you can't play music by numbers. I really like to go for it and defy some of the expectations people perhaps have of me or exceed them.

"As long as I'm playing to music fans I tend to always have a really, really great show."