Flossie’s flight of canine fancy

Gerry Cotter with his dog Flossie and the book he has written
Gerry Cotter with his dog Flossie and the book he has written
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Are you wondering how to keep the children occupied until the end of the holidays, or even, dare we say it, looking for ideas for a Christmas or birthday present?

A delightful children’s book written as a tribute to a 13-year-old pet dog – and told from her point of view – by a retired former London banker who switched careers and moved to Quernmore 23 years ago to escape the city, could be the answer.

‘Flossie’s Carbon Pawprint’ by Gerry Cotter is suitable for animal lovers of all ages.

It is the tale of a West Highland terrier named Flossie, her adventures and the pursuit of her ambition – to fly like the birds in her garden.

The book also includes an environmental theme – that carbon footprint in the title.

This proves an excellent, way of raising awareness of our carbon footprint, and done in an amusing way children will easily understand.

And it is also a must read for dog owners everywhere.

Aimed at readers aged seven to nine, I can assure you it is just as amusing for grown-ups.

The author has managed to capture the thoughts, dreams and ambitions of dogs everywhere and gives us an amusing insight into their world. As the book is based on Gerry’s own dog – also called Flossie – this makes the book an even more personal
triumph for the author.

Gerry, 67, who includes bird watching and natural history as his hobbies, says Flossie came into his life “quite unexpectedly”, after her owner died.

She was passed on to a friend of his called Molly, who is Margaret in the book.

He said: “She just sort of touched something inside me I didn’t know was there and I fell in love with her.”

Gerry has now shared his life with Flossie for a decade and says the idea for the book came to him as he watched Flossie lying along the back of her armchair, looking at the birds in the garden “and wondered if she was envying them their ability to fly” and the story just developed from there.

“I have published non-fiction books on cricket and natural history, but this is my first book for children,” says Gerry, who studied English and philosophy at Lancaster University after leaving London.

He later worked in adult education at the campus prior to retiring completely.

Copies of ‘Flossie’s Carbon Footprint’ are available from Gerry at £7 with £1 for postage and packing.

Call 01524 752968 or email to gerrycotter@dsl.pipex.com