Brenda’s book gives insight into history of a local church

This coming Saturday, August 16, marks the culmination of over 15 years of hard work on the part of Brenda Fox and the late Jessie Cole with the launch of the book Garstang, The Independent Chapel/Congregational Church c1777-1900.

It is a remarkable 140-page publication incorporating lots of black and white as well as colour photographs and 
illustrations, with an index and reference second to none.

Brenda is a great local 
historian, she has given me the privilege of reading her text from cover to cover.

It is not just a factual 
history of what is now known as Garstang United Reformed Church, but a book crammed with details of Garstang and district’s rich history and 
response to many national and international happenings.

A well-illustrated and carefully researched book printed on good quality paper, it is a must for my reading and bookshelf, as I am sure it will be for many of you.

Talking through this book with the author and about her 15 years of research for it made me realise that Dr Fox’s research, writing and analytical skills about local, national and international happenings make this a classic in its own right, one to be placed in the category of works by Hewitson, Cookson and such local history authors.

You can get your own signed copy at its launch at Garstang United Reformed Church from 10am to 2pm this coming Saturday.

Don’t delay to get your copy, for with a limited edition of 500 copies you may be disappointed if you do. The price is £12 and profits go directly to the upkeep of Garstang URC.

On Saturday you will not only be able to buy a fantastic book, but get free coffee and biscuits and a chance to see some of the artefacts mentioned in the book.