Longridge squash team’s resolve shone through

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Longridge kept their unbeaten start to 2015 intact with an away-day win on the coast.

With a last minute hitch, Longridge had to travel with just four players (due to injuries, etc) thus conceeding the first game and, therefore, having to start the night off already trailing by three vital points.

Number four Bill Holmes took control from the start of his game and never allowed his opponent time to do anything with the ball. He dominated the T position (ie: centre of the court) and mixed his shot selection around, this doing enough to never allow his opponent to enter into any lenghty exchanges. He won three games to nil, 15-5, 15-6, 15-5 and got Longridge back on level terms.

Number three Alec Hesmondhalgh took on a lively kind of player, who was full of enthusiasm and never stopped running during the game. Alec moved the ball around court well, finding some nice lengths to put the Blackpool player in trouble in the back corners, this tactic allowing Alec to race into a two nil lead 15-10, 15-7. However, a slight lapse in concentration allowed the Blackpool player to take the third game 15-7. Alec upped his game in the fourth and once again got his opponent chasing the ball to all four corners of the court allowing Alec to take the fourth game 15-10 and with it a 3-1 win, putting Longridge into a 2-1 lead on the night.

Number two Steve Taylor started his match off well, by mixing up his shot selection with one or two boasts, not usually seen in his game-plan, but these worked well and caught out his opponent on many occasions. With Steve the more consistent of the two players, it was’nt long before he had taken all three games 15-7, 15-8, 15-7 and a good 3-0 win, putting Longridge 3-1 up.

Number one Peter Ashworth took on a veteran who had one or two shots to select from, so it was vital Pete kept the ball away from his opponent. He did just that, with some nice drives into the back of the court and some precise drop-shots too the front of the court, which his opponent was never going to get too and this proved so on many occasions. Peter remained focused throughout this encounter and won the points 15-8, 15-5, 15-10 and a nice 3-0 win.

So, from an unfortunate start to the night’s events, the resolve of this Longridge team shone through to win by 17 points to 4, a great team effort from all involved.

This week Longridge entertain St Annes, in what will be a tough match, from a visiting team of entusiastic players, who always have a very competetive attitude running throughout their team.