Longridge squash team back to winning ways

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Longridge took on a tricky fixture against Fleetwood, with the aim on getting back to winning ways, after the previous week’s defeat at the hands of the league leaders.

Due to injuries and other teams poaching their players, the Fleetwood side had to conceed the first game to Longridge, so points became even more vital to the Fleetwood team.

Number four Bill Holmes set off dominating his opponent from the start, with some tight drives and controlled boasts to the front that constantly had his opponent second guessing. The first game was fairly tight, but Bill managed to take it 15-10, and still using the same tactics, he took the second game 15-8. With the Fleetwood player struggling to enter into the rallies, Bill set about taking the third game 15-6 and a 3-0 win to put Longridge into a 2-0 lead.

Number three Alec Hesmondhalgh took on an opponent who was playing some accurate squash from the very start of this encounter and with Alec not quite on his game, it was the Fleetwood player that raced ahead taking the first two games 15-11, 15-13, putting Alec under pressure to start matching this kind of play. All credit to the Dark-Destroyer, as he mixed up his shot selection, with some nice drives and controlled boasts, to keep his opponent away from the ball as often as possible. The gritty fight back worked and Alec took the next three games 15-8, 15-5, 15-11, to win this match 3-2. A really great come back from the Dark-Destroyer, that gave Longridge the vital five bonus points.

Number two Steve Robinson played an experienced player, who has a range of shots in his armoury, so it was vital that Steve kept the ball away from his opponent at all times. Steve set off well taking the first game 15-13, however, he allowed his opponent more of the ball in the second game and the Fleetwood player took it 15-8. Credit goes to Steve, who composed himself well and took the next two games 15-13, 15-9 to win this tricky encounter 3-1.

Number one Steve Taylor took on a determined player and this showed as every point was hard earned for both players. Steve took the first game 15-11, but the Fleetwood player took a close second game 16-14. Steve composed himself and took the third 15-9, but still the Fleetwood player came storming back to level the match, taking the fourth 15-12. With both players giving it their all in this tight match, it was Steve who took the fith 15-13 and with it a gritty performance and a great victory against a very determined opponent.

So a great win for Longridge by 20-5, in what was a tricky match, against an experienced Fleetwood side. As always this Longridge team gives 100% in every match, with some great dogged performances.

This week Longridge entertain South Shore.