Longridge Golf Club Competition Results

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Longridge Golf Club Competition Results

Saturday, March 2 – Men’s Winter Stableford

1st: E Shorrock, 44 points

2nd: M Weepman, 40 points*

3rd: S Brooks, 40 points

4th: A Baines, 39 points*

5th: D Hooghkirk, 39 points

* - on countback

Sunday, March 8 – Ladies’ Bring and Win

1st: Christine Fairclough, Julia Turner and Muriel Burnham-Airey, 80 points

Saturday, March 14 – Men’s Winter Stableford

1st: Steve Laker, 40 points

2nd: Gordon Edwards, 39 points

3rd: Mark Cleminson, 38 points*

4th: Eddie Grayston, 38 points*

5th: Andy Young, 38 points

Sunday, March 15 – Ladies’ YellowBall Team Competition

1st: Linda Cain, Michelle Hill and Debra Morgan, 65

Wednesday, March 18 – Ladies’ Stableford (16 holes)

1st: Christine Fairclough, 33 points

Saturday, March 21 – Captains’ Drive-In Team Competition

1st: S Foster, A Taylor, S Taylor and S Wade, 84 points

2nd: R Bargh, S Hughes, M Clegg and B Stennett, 83 points

3rd: R Bowman, R Wilcocks, R Preston and D Glover, 82 points