A great vitory for Longridge squash players

Longridge welcomed Lancon 2 and set about producing a disciplined performance, to keep the pressure on the top three teams in the division.

Number five Robert Ingham took on an opponent who ran and chased every shot during some long rallies. This paid dividends in the opening exchanges, with the Lancon player taking a 2-0 lead 15-10, 15-9. Robert fought back in the third to take it 15-4 to keep his chances alive. Into the all important fourth game and with Robert’s opponent never giving up in any of the ensuing rallies, Robert called on his experience and shot-range which made for a lengthy game. But it was the Lancon player who eventually took it 18-16, to win 3-1 and give the visiting Lancon team a 1-0 lead.

Number four Bill Holmes took to the court hoping to level up the scoreline and set off in blistering style, taking the first game 15-4. Mixing his shots and keeping his opponent guessing as to what was coming next paid off in the second game, taking this 15-4 again. With Bill dictating play and rallies, the third game was taken 15-3 and a 3-0 win to level up the scoreline.

Number three Alec Hesmondhalgh took on an atheletic opponent, who was never going to give up running. Alec raced into a 2-0 lead, 15-13, 16-14, However, this just seemed to spur on his young opponent, who fought back well and never gave up running, making for a lenghty match, with the Lancon player taking the next two games 15-2, 15-13, to level the match at 2-2. So into the fifth game and with both players feeling the effects of a marathon match, the Dark-Destroyer had to call on his experience to take the points, as his opponent was never going to stop running and chasing down all Alec had to throw at him. Alec eventually won the fifth game 15-10, winning the lenghty encounter 3-2, putting Longridge 2-1 up.

Number two Steve (Griz) Taylor was in no mood to lose this encounter and set off with a high tempo pace which his opponent never got to grips with. Steve took the first game 15-8 and continued in the second game, serving hard to his opponent and picking off his loose/weak returns, the end result being 15-3, 15-5 and a great 3-0 win, securing valuable bonus-points for the Longridge team.

Number one Peter (the Boy-Ash) Ashworth, took on a very tricky player, whose timing on the ball was accurate, so Pete had to concentrate for the duration of this match. Pete took the first game 16-14 and the second 15-8. The third game was a close and tense affair, with both players questioning referee decisions, however Pete’s movement around the court won him the points and he took the third game 15-13 and won this encounter 3-0.

A great victory for Longridge by 18 points to five and it keeps them in the top four in the Northwest Counties Squash League. Tomorrow (Feb 5) Longridge take on what will be a strong Grasshoppers team, but Longridge are a team that always gives 100% on the night, and are a match for any team in this division.