Youths cause more havoc in Longridge centre

The old Co-operative hall
The old Co-operative hall
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From chucking eggs at a house and police, to climbing on scaffolding, to chucking dog muck into gardens, youths are said to be causing more havoc in Longridge.

A number of the incidents were reported on the same night, Wednesday, January 4 between 7.15pm and 9pm when police say they received four separate complaints from residents.

Each incident is said to have involved a gang of between 12 and 15 youths, all of whom are believed to be pupils at local schools and hail from Longridge and the surrounding area and Preston.

The youths were said to be climbing on scaffolding at St Cecilia’s High School; kicking the door to the flats at the old Co-op building on Berry Lane and loitering on Foley’s Path where they tipped a bin over and chucked bags of dog muck into residents’ gardens in Irwell Street.

Also, on January 2 three youths were reported to have thrown eggs at a house on Queen’s Drive at 7pm and when a single police officer attended the scene, eggs were thrown at the police van before the culprits were said to have scarpered.

Now pupils have returned after the Christmas break, police say they will be visiting local schools.

Longridge Mayor, Coun Rupert Swarbrick said: “The shortage of police resource is a worry and it seems that no matter how many times and how much pressure we put on the commissioner the situation doesn’t change.

“However, frankly, even more irritating is the attitude of the perpetrators. Quite why these young people see fit to let themselves down, seemingly on a regular basis, is beyond comprehension. The sooner they grow up and realise the value of community pride the better.”

In the meantime he is appealing to residents to report all incidents.

Former special police constable Paul Byrne says he is disappointed and said: “My general view from the people I talk to is they have no confidence in the senior police officers...I think the problem is getting worse in Longridge.”

Paul is appealing to residents to write or email the crime commissioner and voice their views.