Readers’ letters - December 16

James Kenny was Longridge Band's soloist during a version of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer at their Christmas concert
James Kenny was Longridge Band's soloist during a version of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer at their Christmas concert
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Band’s superb festive event

On Saturday, Derek, myself, Margaret Brown and a few hundred more went to hear Longridge Band play at their Christmas concert.

Wow, what a good night it was. As usual, they were brilliant.

A lovely variety of music and fun to sing to.

Also a little ‘keep fit’ put in, hee hee, for the audience.

I love the 12 Days of Christmas and we all stood up, sat down, and had some fun.

It was nice to have the soloists do their turn, but the best was yet to come and that was the Junior Band.

Well done, all of you. You were all very good and getting better every time, so keep it up.

We are proud of you all.

Thank you to all who took part in the concert and to Mark for being a good conductor.

See you all at the next one.

Merry Christmas everyone and a happy, healthy, prosperous new year to one and all.

You, too, can all help our band by becoming a patron. Money is needed to keep the band going.

The band gives us all so much pleasure so please do think about becoming a patron.

Hilda Marle-Collis,



Poppy help to be welcomed

Although we have record sales this year, my team is at full stretch, despite us welcoming new volunteers. I would therefore ask anyone who would like to come and join our team we would be overjoyed!

Remember that many hands make light work, none of us are getting younger so please, if you can spare a couple of days around Poppy Time, contact me.

On the question of losing the local branch of the British is sad but it was almost inevitable. However, with foresight, we set up the Longridge Remembers Group and although this has now disbanded, the set of rules, regulations and timetables was taken on board by Longridge Town Council this year and, in the future, the procedures will be lead by them.

Poppy Organiser 
Bill Houghton,



Uglification of Longridge

To whom it may concern.

Regarding the uglification of Longridge...why bother informing us of what it doubtless a foregone conclusion?

The council has already sold-off most of Longridge’s beauty spots to the avaricious destroyers, why not let them have the remainder on a plate to ruin?

It makes no difference if the land they want to grab is Green Belt, covenanted, grazing land, massively opposed by local residents, sacred burial ground or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty – AONBs – (in fact the latter would make them more determined).

They will threaten until they get what they want and there is no-one who can stand up to them.

They are like an army of soldier ants marching inexorably forward, destroying everything in its path.




Caring for those in care

Teenage years can be tough. Teenage years in care are much tougher, so supporting young people as they move out of care is vital to make sure they get the best possible start to adult life.

The Children and Social Work Bill is a unique opportunity to provide proper mental health and emotional support for young people and the guarantee of somewhere safe to live.

At Barnardo’s, we think this is the least the Government can do.

Barnardo’s runs services which aim to bridge the gap for thousands of teenagers and young people as they leave care.

While we know they benefit from our services, we believe these vulnerable young people should be entitled to more help.

We believe all children in care and care leavers should be offered a mental health assessment by a qualified professional and given the support to meet their needs.

Second, Barnardo’s wants all care leavers to be offered safe and suitable accommodation up to the age of 21.

Lynn Perry,

Director of Children’s Services, Barnardo’s West Region