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Readers comment on Fifa's decision to ban the wearing of poppies
Readers comment on Fifa's decision to ban the wearing of poppies
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I will never forget strike

The Tories are continuing to refuse an inquiry into the policing of the Orgreave picket during the 1984 -5 Miners’ Strike, where 95 miners were charge with riot and unlawful assembly.

If found guilty, such charges carried the possibility of life imprisonment. The case against the 95 collapsed due to the police falsification of evidence.

Coming from a South Yorkshire mining community, and living there throughout the year-long strike, I feel that my community has been cheated of justice.

After Orgreave, 10,000 police from around the country were based permanently in the South Yorkshire coalfield, which resulted in an escalation of violence as our pit villages were “locked down” by what felt like an occupying army. Any future demands for an inquiry should go much further than Orgreave – the policing of the strike as a whole should be examined.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission already has evidence of officers committing assault and perjury. Yet it refused to investigate. The Home Secretary’s refusal to launch a public inquiry when such evidence exists can only be described as a cover-up. We need to ask ourselves what is it they are trying to hide? Would it show that, far from being neutral, the police were used for political ends? Would it expose how the strike was micromanaged by Margaret Thatcher? Was the manipulation of evidence an institutionalised practice in South Yorkshire Police?

Too many falsehoods in relation to the strike are still peddled by the Establishment, tabloid newspapers and Tory politicians. They try and paint a distorted picture of the miners and the dispute.

It was a noble strike with the miners only guilty of two things: fighting for a job and the future of their communities. For that they came up against the might of the British state. I was 26 at the time and, until the day I die, I will never forget and I’ll never forgive. The campaign for justice will continue.

Mick Mulcahy,



This could solve parking issue

Re: the letter, Solution for school issue?, (News November 2).

I wholeheartedly agree with the suggestion from R Spreadbury for a 200m red-line area around schools.

A little exercise for the youngsters would be a very good start for them in maintaining a future healthy lifestyle. If the parents get involved as well, even better.

Anything which eases the problems faced by those living in the vicinity of schools would be a tremendous help.

Our road, which is very narrow and has no pavements, is plagued by vehicles parking in an obstructive manner.

Properties here have a covenant in the deeds, which, due to this narrow design, prevents residents from parking.

Parents picking up their loved ones seem to be oblivious of the inconvenience they cause.

I do hope that, R Spreadbury, you have also made the local and county councils aware of your suggestion.

Graham Archer

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A grateful thank you

How dare a shower like FIFA tell us that we can’t wear shirt poppies for the England v Scotland match this week.

They are not a political statement. They are a grateful thank you to the millions who didn’t come home, and those who did. Still, the worst sanction FIFA can impose on us is a points deduction, and should that be a big one, we may not qualify, and that would save us from the usual humiliation! Can’t lose!

Allan Fazackerley

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Why hold a football match on Remembrance Day anyway?

It should be a time to remember our fallen not a day for tawdry sporting fixtures!

John Eoin Douglas

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Flood concerns

The River Wyre is restricted by willow trees and trash between St Michael’s and Cartford when it is in spate.

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