Wrangle over Longridge ‘missing path’ safety

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Lancashire County Council should be responsible for creating a stretch of missing footpath and taking down a tree on a stretch of Dilworth Lane, Longridge, where pedestrians are forced to walk out into the road – says the town council.

Longridge town councillors are to “throw” the matter to the county stating the 10 metre stretch between the Cromwell Fields housing estate entrance and Springfield residential property, is a health and safety issue.

Coun Rupert Swarbrick had earlier suggested the town council could carry out the work, which he believed would be in the region of £6,000. He said: “We have no authority willing to fix a significant problem and we now know what it would cost to fix it.”

Coun Paul Byrne said it was an oversight by Ribble Valley Council that it had not been picked up on when the Cromwell development was underway and felt the borough should match fund it if the town council paid for it.

But Coun Jim Rogerson believed it was a county council issue and said: “We should throw it back at them (LCC) and really challenge them to do something about it.”

Coun Steve Ashcroft said: “By all means we can ask the county council but it can drag on and it is a safety issue that people have to walk into the road.”

The council agreed to write to LCC and mayor Coun Sarah Rainford said the evenings were getting darker and they needed an urgent reponse.