Wilf, 4, with head-to-toe eczema is heading to France for life-changing treatment

Treatment: Wilf with mum Sarah
Treatment: Wilf with mum Sarah
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A FOUR-year-old boy with head-to-toe eczema has received a boost after raising enough money for two lots of overseas treatment.

Wilf Ford and his mum Sarah Scott, from Berry Lane, Longridge, have raised more than £8,000 to allow him to fly to France for life-changing treatment.

At the moment Wilf must have fresh cream and bandages applied every hour to ease his itching, but since the story appeared in the Evening Post, he has received the money he needs for two of the trips.

Wilf needs three lots of treatment and so mum Sarah says the fundraising will continue.

She said: “It’s been amazing the support we’ve had and so many people have come forward with donations.

“It’s fantastic we can now take Wilf for the treatments although we haven’t set a date yet.

“It will make a huge difference to Wilf’s condition and hopefully it will cure him.”

Wilf was diagnosed with severe atopic eczema at five months old and since then has not been able to sleep or play with his toys properly because of the pain his condition causes.

Sarah was hoping to raise £6,000, which she thought would pay for three treatments over three years at the Station Thermale Avène Hydrotherapy Centre which is situated in the mountains of the south of France.

Sarah estimated the trips to France would cost around £2,000 each but now thinks it could be £4,000 a time and so is urging people to continue their hard work in fund-raising.

It comes as a timely boost as Wilf has just started primary school in September – something Sarah had been worried about.

She said: “He’s a bright boy and loves learning but being so itchy often means he can’t concentrate.

“I’m worried it’ll distract the other children and his teachers as they’ll have to take 20 minutes out every hour to re-do his bandages and creams.”

To get updates on Wilf’s fundraising efforts or to donate to his cause go to www.facebook.com/helpwilf?fref=ts or to donate go to www.gofundme.com/wilfscampaign