When to see the International Space Station fly over in October

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The International Space Station (ISS) will once again be visible from the North West over the next few weeks.

Throughout October it will be possible to spot the glowing space station as it passes overhead.

Orbiting the Earth the earth 15 times and appearing usually from the west or south west, the ISS is visible with the naked eye, given clear skies.

Online stargazing enthusiast Virtual Astronomer adds: “When the ISS passes over it will appear as an incredibly bright star like object or plane without flashing lights moving across the sky, it can be at times the brightest object in the night sky second to the Moon.

“It doesn’t matter where in the UK you are, as the times are for bright passes which will be visible from any part of the British Isles.” You can follow @VirtualAstro on Twitter or Facebook for ISS alerts.

Times are approximate depending on your exact location.

It can be at times the brightest object in the night sky second to the Moon

Virtual Astronomer

Brightest ISS passes during early October:

Thu, 8: 7:31 PM - dur. 4:31

Fri, 9: 8:15 PM - dur. 3:14

Sat, 10: 7:22 PM - dur. 5:09

Sun, 11: 8:06 PM - dur. 3:32

Mon, 12: 7:14 PM - dur. 5:28

Tue, 13: 7:58 PM - dur. 3:42

Wed, 14: 7:06 PM - dur. 5:40

Thu, 15: 7:50 PM - dur. 3:54

Fri, 16: 6:57 PM - dur. 5:55

- Data from NASA via iss.astroviewer.net.

More information: Spot the International Space Station atspotthestation.nasa.gov.