Warning over fish salesmen

County Councillor Janice Hanson
County Councillor Janice Hanson

Lancashire County Council is warning residents to beware of high-pressure salesmen who try to persuade them to buy hundreds of pounds worth of fresh fish.

The traders from the North East have recently been selling door to door in Garstang and Elswick, asking residents, including elderly people, to buy fish.

Householders believe they are only buying a few pieces but are then presented with freezer-filling quantities, and have reported feeling pressurised into handing over large amounts of cash of up to four hundred pounds. Earlier in the year Lancashire County Council’s Trading Standards Service received reports of fish sellers in the Chorley, Leyland and Skelmersdale areas. Officers are concerned that the sellers will soon target other towns within the county and are asking people to be on the alert.

County Councillor Janice Hanson, cabinet member for public protection, said: “You are taking a risk by buying on the doorstep from an unknown trader as this fish may be of poor quality or be unfit to eat.”