Walkers’ smart idea over problem paths

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Walkers are being invited to help identify problem footpaths in the Ribble Valley.

Clitheroe Ramblers are urging people in the area to get involved with the Ramblers Big Pathwatch campaign, which has the ambitious aim of surveying every right of way in England and Wales.

For anyone who carries a smartphone on their walks, the simplest way of doing this is to download a free app from the Ramblers website at www.ramblers.org.uk to find a link that enables downloading.

The results of the Big Pathwatch will allow the Ramblers to create a comprehensive report on the state of the path network “Rather than just grumble about broken stiles or lack of clear way marks, you now have the opportunity to do something about it, there and then while out on your walk,” said a Ramblers spokesperson.

“You will be able to select a map square containing footpaths which are rights of way as shown on Ordnance Survey Explorer maps. As well as noting any problems, you can also share the positive features of the walk, the beautiful views, any wildlife and interesting landscapes you see.”

Walkers who carry no smartphone, but who have access to a computer, can record their findings later on the website www.ramblers.org.uk/bigpathwatch

Clitheroe Ramblers are working with parish councils and other groups to tackle problems such as overgrown paths and broken stiles, gates and finger posts.