Village firm secures £1m. mobile phone contract

Anywhere Sim (s)
Anywhere Sim (s)

A company that was only launched six months ago is set to become a major player in the mobile phone industry after winning a contract worth £1m.

Anywhere Sim secured the contract with Norfolk County Council to supply up to 4,500 mobile phone users with connectivity for the next four years.

This is quite a coup for the Grindleton-based firm which was launched in September last year by Matthew Wright and his business partner Chris Millington.

Matthew said: “This is a major contract for us and sets us on the road to competing with the big names in the world of mobile phone providers.’’

The concept of the business is that it is a virtual mobile network that lets users roam onto any UK network.

Matthew (42) whose wife Janette also works for the company, along with four other people, said: “Between us all we have around 20 years plus experience in the mobile phone industry.

“This is the definitely the way forward for mobile phone users especially those living in rural areas and others who may struggle to get connectivity if they travel around a lot to different areas.’’

Matthew said the company’s aim was to be providing a service for at least one million of the 10 million phone users in the UK.

Matthew also runs a second business from the Grindleton base called Varcomms which provides technical consulting help and solutions and lists food company Nestle UK as one if its biggest clients.

Anywhere Sim also works in partnership with Doro, a Swedish company focusing on the development, marketing and sales of telecommunication and consumer electronics products aimed at senior citizens.