Road closure warning for Ribble Valley cyclists

A reader appeals for drivers to have more respect for cyclists and other road users. See letter
A reader appeals for drivers to have more respect for cyclists and other road users. See letter
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Cyclists are being warned not to ignore a road closure which is currently in place in the Ribble Valley at Dunsop Road between Dunsop Bridge and Whitewell.

The four-week closure, which was put in place on Monday October 24th, means the road should not be used by drivers, cyclists or pedestrians.

However, some cyclists have been ignoring the signs and cycling through the barrier.

The closure is needed for essential repairs to the Hodder Bank retaining wall.

This work is part of a scheme to protect the road and surrounding area from flooding.

It follows the 2015 Boxing Day floods when the river embankment at Hodder Bank, two miles to the south of Dunsop Bridge was damaged.

Clear “road closed” warning signs are being used and people are being advised to follow a signed diversion route while the work is being carried out.

David Hurford, Lancashire County Council’s Bridges and Structures Manager, said: “It’s important that we do this work to protect people using the road and those who live in the area from flooding.

“People’s safety is our main priority and the road must be closed while the work is done.

“However, there have already been a number of incidents where cyclists have ignored Road Closed signs and tried to get through the site.

“Each time this happens work has to stop which is adding time to the programme and causing more inconvenience for residents and businesses.

“One incident has already led to damage to a dry stone wall by a cyclist trying to get around the site rather than using the diversion route.

“We’ll do all we can to try to get the work finished within the four week period, but people must not try to use the road while it’s closed. “

Traffic engineers have placed additional warning signs around the site. These are to encourage people to respect the closure and use the diversion route.