How safe are the roads outside Ribble Valley schools?

Ribble Valley Borough Councillor Ged Mirfin. (s)
Ribble Valley Borough Councillor Ged Mirfin. (s)
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Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans will write to all schools in his constituency to find out whether they think road safety outside their school buildings is adequate.

The MPs actions follow Ribble Valley Borough Councillor Ged Mirfin’s Freedom of Information Request to Lancashire County Council to find out how many Primary and Secondary Schools across Lancashire have safe crossing points in the form of Zebra and Pelican crossings and how many don’t.

Coun. Mirfin’s actions came after he was involved in a collision with a car outside St Augustine’s RC High School, Billington.

He commented: “Following my own accident, all I want is a zebra crossing outside the school to ensure that none of the children are seriously injured like myself or worse.

“Zebra crossings should be put in place before, rather than after, someone is killed.

“ We are having going to all this trouble because not only do we believe that crossings should be located as a matter of course on busy roads outside schools but also because frankly, we are becoming convinced that here is a lack of will to make this happen.

“This is an issue which is non-political – we support a change in policy because children attending Lancashire schools deserve to be protected from the increasing volumes of traffic on the county’s busy roads.”

Mr Evans will be writing to all headteachers and boards of governors of schools in the Ribble Valley to establish whether they believe road safety on the busy roads outside the schools is adequate enough to ensure the safety of children and publishing his findings.

He commented: “It is incredibly disturbing that within Lancashire County Council such information is not immediately available.

“What that suggests is that Lancashire County Council don’t know the answer.

“This creates a real problem for me because what it effectively means is that the Local Education Authority is not fulfilling its statutory obligation to protect children attending school.”