Store celebrates 90 years of convenience

Store owner David Ainsworth. (s)
Store owner David Ainsworth. (s)

Family-run business, Thoroughgoods in Clitheroe, is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year.

Local businessman David Ainsworth now owns three Thoroughgoods in the area which employ 16 people.

However, his first was inherited from his grandfather who set up shop in 1926.

Since then the family has continued to invest and expand, supporting local independent businesses by sourcing produce from local sandwich providers and farms.

David decided to open the family’s second store in 2009 on Hayhurst Street after realising that there was a lack of convenience stores within walking distance, especially for the elderly.

His most recent store opening was in 2015 on Woone Lane and, following David’s acceptance and support by the local community, he won Best New Store at the annual Conviviality Retail PLC Awards 2015.

David has received a warm welcome during both shop openings and raised more than £450 for the RSPCA in 2015 through collection boxes.

David Ainsworth, store owner, said: “I was brought up above the shop my grandad owned and my earliest memories are of going to the station with my dad to collect the newspapers. I completed my apprenticeship and was a paperboy just like all of my friends.

“I took on more responsibility aged 18 years when my dad wanted to start cutting back. The rest is history as they say. “I have seen a significant change and massive reduction in small independent retailers. However I have bucked this trend by investing locally and I am proud of my achievements – especially my recent accolade by Conviviality Retail PLC for Best New Store.”