Singers just love going ‘on tour’

The Trinity Singers
The Trinity Singers

Described as a jolly group who share a passion for music and song, The Trinity Singers have just staged two performances of a Roger Jones musical called Jersusalem Joy.

Trinity Methodist Church, where the singers practise, was the venue for the first concert and this was followed by another booking at Calder Vale Methodist Church shortly afterwards.

Encouraged, led and motivated by member Jacqui Hodge, who also plays the keyboard or digital piano for the group, founder member Kathy Bamber says the singers love going out “on tour” and sharing their passion for music and singing with others.

She says they were formed by Jacqui around three years ago and Jerusalem Joy was the second Roger Jones musical to be chosen to be sung by the group. And while Kathy says they understand Roger has written about 20 or so musicals – enough to keep them going for the next two decades – they also enjoy singing other musical material and will shortly be travelling to Heysham and Scorton with fresh repertoires.

Although comprising mainly Trinity Church members, the singers also have members from other churches and also, says Kathy, those who are not members of any church at all.

She said: “Being a church member is not a pre-requisite and we would like to encourage other people to come and sing with us and join our happy little band. Similarly, if there are other churches, groups or WIs who would like us to sing to them, then please do get in touch. We love taking our music out to people and going on tour. We are very jolly I think and we all enjoy the camerarderie.

“Also, if there are any musicians who would like to join us, with guitars, whistles, flutes or drums, it would be good to have musical instruments again. We have had musicians from time to time, but they can’t currently play with us.”

If anyone would like to know more, please contact Kathy on 01772 865510 or Dorothy on 865306.