Sawley Quakers’ historic Meeting House for sale

Sawley Quaker's current Meeting House. (s)
Sawley Quaker's current Meeting House. (s)

Sawley Quakers are moving premises for the first time since 1778.

Their historic Meeting House has been put up for sale to allow the group to move to a more visible and central location in Clitheroe.

“This was not an easy decision,” said member Ben Dandelion. “It is a lovely Meeting House with lots of history and a direct view of Pendle Hill, an important site in Quaker history. Many of us are very attached to the building and all that it signifies.

“However, when we asked ourselves what was best for the future of the Meeting, we were clear that we need to be where the people are. A crucial part of the Quaker faith is about working for social justice and peace and helping where we can and we saw that a town centre location with greater accessibility could allow us to do a lot more.”

Meetings, on Sundays at 10-30 am, will continue at Sawley for the time being and everyone is welcome. For more information, call Ben or Wendy on 01200 426266.