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CRUK Race for life Blackpool
CRUK Race for life Blackpool

This week I took part in the fabulous Cancer Research Race for Life event in Blackpool despite being the owner of two left feet.

When I say two left feet I mean literally - only I could bring two left trainers in my kit bag to run 5k along the promenade.

Two left feet: CRUK Race for life Blackpool

Two left feet: CRUK Race for life Blackpool

It was not my finest moment.

Having carefully planned my dash for the race, which I was running in the name of my late mum Anne, I had packed my finest pink running gear into my work bag to get changed in the newsroom toilets (the glamour never ends, to be honest) after most of the newspaper business of the day was over.

Already running late, I put my plan in action only to find myself staring at two quite similar but altogether useless bits of running footwear.

After a mild panic I put crisis management into play.

The options approximately 50 minutes before the start of the race were:

1. Drive home and hide in bed covered in shame.

2. Run in two left feet.

3. Run in bare feet.

4. Hop.

5. Cry.

Having decided none of these options were viable in the rapidly diminishing time I decided to run (literally) to the nearest shop (a discount quality clothes and goods store) and hope they had something in my size.

Fortunately fate was on my side because in this random store, because after discounting a pair of heeled trainers with a logo down the side, some 100 per cent purple glitter sneakers and a pair of those trainers that light up and are favoured by four-year-olds, I discovered a fairly normal looking piece of cheap footwear and within minutes of waving my poor credit card they were mine.

Of course, as any runner knows, running an event is new shoes in not advisable but compared to running in bare feet dodging seagull poo, they are amazing, so I smugly put them in the car and went to the race.

On arrival my dilemma was entirely forgotten as I was enveloped by a sea of pink, each individual running for their own reasons.

Frankly I absolutely would run or hopped in bare feet alongside all those amazing men and women... even on seagull poo.

To get involved in Race for life look up the website HERE