REVIEW: Chameleon, Broughton This Chameleon really shouldn’t hide itself away as it’s most tasty

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I was definitely interested when I came to hear about a new cocktail, coffee bar, restaurant setting up in Broughton. When someone mentioned there would be a breakfast menu and specialist coffee I was all ears -so I had eagerly awaited the opening of Chameleon in autumn of last year.

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It didn’t take us too long to make a Saturday morning trip with the tribe to test out their breakfast offerings and we were impressed.

The service was really good and so were the food portions - it wasn’t cheap but as a treat or even as a 
meet-up for friends for a coffee and cake, I knew at some point I would make a return visit.

Since then I have only come across positive reviews and this week I was back to check out the evening offering.

Chameleon from day to night looks no different –this is not a complaint as such but leaves you difficult to guage exactly what it is trying to be?

The decor is rustic and minamalist, a trendy twist of metal, wood and copper.

There is more of a lounge area with leather sofas to the right side of the central bar with more dining to the left. The furniture is all metal framed.

It looks nice but for a dining experience it isn’t the most comfortable and you definitely feel like you are in a trendy coffee bar not a restaurant.

That is fine but when you’re paying the best part of £16 for a curry – do people expect just a little bit more?

The decor is rustic and minamalist, a trendy twist of metal, wood and copper

On a Tuesday evening it certainly felt a little souless but you can easily imagine it a hive of activity in the day, maybe more so on a Saturday night for a few drinks.

If I had to rate Chameleon on food alone I would have no complaint. From choice of menu, to flavour, variety, presentation and service it is faultless.

On both of my visits the staff have been great. Happy to offer suggestions, accommodating to the children, little things like crayons are simple but make things that bit easier for families and staff alike.

After finding ourselves a table on Tuesday, we were given time to have a good peruse of the menu.

Both the main and breakfast menus are available to view online on the website and via the Facebook page.

The evening selection is described as cuisine that suits a very relaxed style of eating and combines influences and styles from all around the world.

There is a burger menu with lamb and beef but also a Thai fishcake option and a club sandwich, which we ordered.

Also there is a lunch variety with flat breads and lighter bites and then a choice of eight main dishes in the ‘large’ category.

These are described as having a twist on the traditional dish, you can order fish and chips to Korean braised beef ribs.

I nearly opted for a sirloin steak at £18.95 but after deciding we would try a veg board sharing platter to start followed up with the Sri Lankan lamb curry, costing £15,95.

There is no set-course offering and the starters are priced from £4.65, a portion of garlic butter prawns will set you back £8.95.

The veg board allows you to sample a little of whats on offer starter wise and included a spiced chickpea broth, flatbreads, dipping sauces, sweetcorn fritters, halloumi fries and roasted vegetables.

It disappeared fast.The spiced chickpeas and the stone-baked flat bread were definitely a favourite of mine but rivalled with lots of noise about the halloumi fries, I’m just not a lover of cheese.

The board was just enough to keep the hunger pangs at bay while waiting for the main course. We were able to have a good natter and enjoy a glass of wine too

We shared a bottle of Pinot Grigio which will set you back £18.99. The Pinot was not available by the glass just Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc starting from £5,95

Bottles range up to £35 for white wines and £42 for reds. There is a Prosecco for the fizz lovers too.

The lamb curry was a sure winner for me and I really wished I could have finished it, I was just too full. The lamb shoulder was beautiful and tender. It is left marinated in the spices for 24 hours and you can tell.

In fact, you caught the aroma the second it came out of the kitchen and it tasted every bit as good as it smelt.

The club sandwich too was plentiful, served with sweet potato fries, also worth a shout.

There was no room for pudding but to note the team at Chameleon support local suppliers, stocking the much-loved Wallings ice cream and Lathams of Broughton