Residents object to traffic calming plans

Traffic calming measures could be introduced on Knowsley Road, Wilpshire.
Traffic calming measures could be introduced on Knowsley Road, Wilpshire.
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Controversial traffic calming measures are set to be introduced in parts of the Ribble Valley.

Highways chief Councillor John Fillis has been asked to approve the scheme for a series of speed cushions on Knowsley Road, Wilpshire, and the installation of a 20mph speed limit.

Six objections to the scheme were lodged by residents, one amendment, and 20 expressions of support were received.

A resident of Whalley Road objected on grounds the “proposed limits are unnecessary on safety grounds and that the signage will introduce clutter and alter the character of the area”.

A resident of Sunnyside Avenue would prefer the County Council to “concentrate your focus on achieving a 30mph measure before trying to introduce something plainly achievable”.

Others felt the road was too short to merit the scheme and that residents were aware of the current 30mph speed limit.

In response, a report to Coun. Fillis states that the proposal is in accordance with the countywide 20mph sign only scheme, which covers all roads in main residential areas on which there was not a large proportion of through traffic.

It states: “Roads were not chosen on the basis of their individual casualty records but were included in the scheme so that drivers become accustomed to 20mph being the normal speed limit in residential areas. Work continues on engaging with drivers and local communities to support the 20mph speed limit and this work will be done in Wilpshire and Salesbury if the proposal is approved.”

It adds: “The siting of the speed cushions was based on locations where the speeds are expected to be highest. This is generally on the straight and wider sections of Knowsley Road. The cushions have therefore been sited towards the northern end of Knowsley Road and will encourage lower vehicle speeds as traffic enters from Ribchester.

“Whilst it is accepted that there are potential hazards near to the railway bridge, actual vehicle speeds will be naturally lowered at this location.”

Existing signage will be reviewed and the location will be monitored.

If passed, the cost is expected to be £18,000, from the £1m pot approved in 2014 for accident reduction measures.