Readers' letters: 'Our Prime Minister is no Winston Churchill'

Former Prime Minister of Great Britain Winston Churchill 'Photo: Keystone/Getty Images
Former Prime Minister of Great Britain Winston Churchill 'Photo: Keystone/Getty Images

It is for sure that Boris Johnson is no Winston Churchill.

He tells us that thousands will lose loved ones and thereby brings another dose of doom and gloom as if we hadn’t had enough through Brexit.

Churchill would have rallied us by invoking a fighting spirit in our war with coronavirus.

Not so Boris as he makes no move to ban large gatherings or close any venues.

We can only hope that we are not the ones to lose close relatives and we, ourselves, have enough Churchillian spirit.

Peter Hyde

Address supplied

I had been quite impressed until now with the way in which those governing us have dealt with the coronavirus outbreak and the response to it.

Restrained. Based on scientific evidence.

So why on earth has Boris Johnson now gone and spoilt it by speaking of “families going to lose loved ones before their time”.

That’s nothing but hysteria.

And it really doesn’t help.

And, by the way, can somebody remind us how many deaths there are from flu in a normal winter?

We don’t get hysterical about that.

Just pointing out a contrast, that’s all.

Michael Green via email

I should point out I don’t work for a supermarket. I am, however, a former engineer from a tissue maker.

Here is the big issue with tissue, most makers’ machinery is from Italy and China. Both countries supply our machinery, and while tissue is indeed made in the UK, in such places as Lancaster, there will be a shortage as people buy more than normal.

Capacity of manufacturing only goes so far. What happens when the machinery fails? What happens about distribution? It really isn’t as simple as saying “don’t panic buy”.

Frank via email