Rainfall hits a 50 year high at Chipping weather station

Muriel Lord
Muriel Lord

Residents in Longridge and district may have felt it has never stopped raining in recent weeks - and they would be correct.

New data from the Met Office recording station near Chipping reveals that a drenching total of 18.75 inches/ 476.3mm fell in August and September, the highest total for these two months since daily recording for the Met office started in Chipping in 1968.

Muriel Lord, who is responsible for the recordings, confirmed: “We are midst a remarkable wet spell at present.”

On one night in September two inches/54.4mm came down. But it is not all bad weather news. Muriel reported: “Apart from March, all previous months this year have been much drier than average and the summer was good, very sunny and warm. The highest temperature 30C (86F) was measured on July 26th. The weather broke soon afterwards.

Short dry spells of summery conditions returned for Bank Holiday and also in mid September. In spring and summer soils were very dry. Only now, after two very wet months, the land has become full of water again.”

But more rain will be needed to match the record year of 2012 when 78.1 inches/1984 mm fell. This year’s total so far is 1330.8 mm, 52.4 inches.