Private firm to tackle Longridge litter louts?

Could this solve Longridge's litter problem?
Could this solve Longridge's litter problem?
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The rising tide of litter dropping and dog fouling in Longridge could be dealt with by offenders being given on-the-spot fines.

The town council has discussed engaging a private company to tackle the problem, first of litter when contractors with self-funding programmes would levy immediate fines of £70, then extending the scheme to irresponsible dog-owners.

Deputy mayor Coun Rupert Swarbrick told last week’s meeting it was a service many local authorities were using. “It’s legal, ethical, applies to old and young dropping cigarettes, paper, cans - the whole scheme has merit - we should support it,” he said. It would run in conjunction with the borough’s litter service agreement, currently under review by the town council, and be on a future meeting’s agenda.