Police appeal after youths pelt bus driver with eggs

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Police are appealing for information after a bus driver was pelted with eggs as he drove through Sabden.

This incident is one of several reports of nuisance recently made by residents living in Sabden.

Clitheroe Police PCSO Di Bioletti is now asking for both parents and local shopkeepers to be on the look out for children taking eggs from home or buying them.

“Myself and PC Jon Scorah are working with our engage team (youth engagement) to try to reduce the nuisance experienced by Sabden residents.

“We would ask parents and shop keepers to look out for youths taking/buying eggs and for parents to be aware of where their youngsters are and what they are doing, especially in the evening.

“The nuisance is being caused by a small minority of young people in the village, but the effect on some residents can be considerable in terms of making them feel vulnerable and intimidated.”

Action has already been taken in the case of one of the young people who was involved in some of the previous incidents.

Anyone with information about any of the incidents is asked to call the police by dialling 101.