Parking chaos at netball tournament angers residents in Penwortham

Traffic chaos near to a netball tournament in Penwortham today.
Traffic chaos near to a netball tournament in Penwortham today.

Drivers have been blasted for causing traffic mayhem during a netball tournament today.

Residential streets around All Hallows High School in Penwortham were choked with parked cars, leaving residents unable to access their homes and sparking angry scenes between locals and visitors.

"It was so bad buses had to be diverted and if there had been an emergency then ambulances or fire engines just wouldn't have been able to get through," said one resident Anna Johnston.

"People haven't been able to get out of their driveways and numerous cars were either parked on double yellow lines or on pavements.

"As a result some of the roads were only wide enough for just one vehicle. One poor lady who is in her eighties was trying to drive to her house when she came up against a man who shouted at her and ordered her to reverse. She was in tears.

"It's been an absolute nightmare around here today. It beggars belief that drivers can be so thoughtless and just dump their cars even though they are causing an obstruction."

"They took no consideration for the neighbours and the parents and drivers were ignorant to others needs and happy to break the law with illegal parking."

The annual tournament was staged at All Hallows, but run by Newman Netball Club, Preston. It involved 61 teams playing on seven courts.

No-one was available for comment from the school or the club. But on Newman Netball Club's Facebook page organisers said parking advice had been sent out to all teams.