Pancake traditions in village

THE tradition of knocking on doors asking for pancake fillings continues in the village of Whitechapel.

No-one is quite sure when it all began, but Whitechapel Primary School children thoroughly enjoy the tradition of knocking on village doors and asking "Please a pancake".


Headteacher Mrs Louise Jones says she believes the tradition started with farm workers or others knocking at the door of the farm or manor house asking for fillings, but is not sure just when. One villager says her brother carried out the tradition in the early 1900s!

Nowadays, Mrs Jones says the children are mainly presented with oranges and after her 72 pupils completed the task on Shrove Tuesday, helped by staff and parents, everyone enjoyed a family hot pot and pancake lunch prepared by their cook, Margaret Catterall.

And the afternoon saw the children learning all about Shrove Tuesday and Lent when former Whitechapel School welfare assistant, now the Rev Constance Whalley, called in to school to take an assembly.