Longridge poultry show - full results

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THE new venue for the North of England Championship Poultry Show proved a great success last Saturday and attracted more than 1,000 entries from a wide area.

"As a first time at the Clitheroes Auction Mart, it was excellent and a great relief to be there after last year's cancellation," said show secretary Andrew Richardson.

"Our judges came in from Perth, Dumfries and Hawick and thoroughly enjoyed the day, as did the 130 exhibitors, mostly locals but including people from North Yorkshire, Wales, the south and further afield.

"We had a lot of favourable comments on the new facilities - the catering, the parking - and we'll be back there next year!" Mr Richardson added. "The whole show had a buoyant feel about it and I was very pleased with the turnout and support."

Show president Allan Procter and his wife from Ribchester once again got top honours with their White Wyandottes, winning best soft feather heavy bantam.


Organised by Longridge Poultry Fanciers Association at Clitheroe Auction Mart, Saturday Fesbruary 9

SHOW Champion W Birkett & Sons Black Pekin F; reserve D Speak Black German Langshan; best large SF K & A Chatburn Black Orpington F; best large SF P T Watkinson 2007 bred M; best SF btm (heavy) A & D Procter White Wyandotte F;

best SF btm (light) Waterworth & Woods White Leghorn F; best HF btm S McKean Blackred Modern Game F ; best true

btm W Birkett & sons Black Pekin F; best rare breed D Speak Black German Langshan; best junior exhibitor N Thornton White Leghorn F; best waterfowl H Walmsley Rouen Drake; best eggs G C Taylor 4 large White; best trio C N Drake White Crested Polands.

BEST OF BREEDS 2008 - Ancona I & J Brewis; Asian HF P Christon; Austrolorp Clements & Denver; Belgian C & D Goulder; Dutch Bantam Hodge & Taylor; egg contents J & H Beard; junior eggs J & H Beard; Indian or Jubilee Game J Barnes;

Indian Runner Mrs B Singleton ; Leghorn Waterworth & Woods; Marans J Barnes; Minorca B & F Staveley; Modern S McKean;

Large Old English Game (Carlisle) P T Watkinson; OEG bantam R Pye; Orpington K & A Chatburn; Buff Orpington R & V Massey; Pekin W Birkett & Sons; Plymouth Rock D Storey; Poland C N Drake; best rare breed D Speak; Rhode Island Red Clements & Denver; Rosecomb Hodge & Taylor; Sussex K & A Chatburn; Sebright J L A Edward; Silkie Tinson & Hidden; Welsummer K Iredale; Laced Wyandotte I & J Brewis; Black Wyandotte A & D Procter; Part/Penn Wyandotte C Marr; White Wyandotte A & D Procter.