First topless barmaid reveals all

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BUBBLY Margo Grimshaw - landlady supreme and one of Lancashire's most colourful personalities – has decided to reveal all.

The undisputed "Queen of Clubs, who made her name by establishing The Lodestar, near Ribchester, as the north west's premier nightspot, has finally penned her long-awaited life story.

And the self-made businesswoman has also revealed why she had finally made the decision to write her autobiography, "A Licence To Live" – public demand!

"Over recent years so many people have asked me 'why don't you write your book?' I thought that yes, perhaps some day I should and that day has arrived.

Margo says a meeting with Lancashire author Paul Agnew, who has collaborated with her on the writing of the book, made up her mind.

"Paul had just worked with Sir Tom Finney on his autobiography and that got to number six in the national best-sellers list.

"I met Paul at a dinner and he said he would help me turn the idea into reality by somehow managing to get me to sit down and put together my story – not an easy task!

"Remembering and talking to such length and detail is a bit like sitting on a psychiatrist's couch – there has been much laughing, some crying and a fair bit of head-shaking too.

I can honestly say I have embraced every minute and while I might not have the pulling power of Sir Tom, I certainly hope people enjoy the read."

In A Licence To Live, Margo tells of the young girl with a squint who turned into a beauty queen and went on to become a hugely-successful businesswoman.

How she left England as a teenager to start a new life in New York, returned to hit the jackpot running pubs before waving her magic wand over The Lodestar.

How she gave Sir Bob Geldof his first "gig", managed several top acts of the '70s, gave comedian Jim Bowen his big break and once finished runner-up to Jimmy Tarbuck in a national talent contest!

How she worked for the Government as a business advisor, stood for election as an MP, built up a property empire and earned the title of the first "topless barmaid"!

It also tells of the tough times, losing her youngest son Adam in tragic circumstances, fights with officialdom, including a trip to the High Court, and the battle to be accepted and respected in a man's world.

A Licence To Live (9.99), available across the region, can also be purchased through Peaktrend Publications, Toad Hole, Preston New Road, Blackburn, Lancashire (12 inc p&p, cheques payable to Peaktrend Publications).