Nightmare Lancashire neighbour jailed after campaign of abuse

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  • Nightmare neighbour tormented couple for years
  • 81-year-old trapped stray cats and killed them
  • Victims speak of ‘despair’ at hate campaign

A neighbour from hell has been jailed for repeated breaches of an anti-social behaviour order.

Magistrates heard how 81-year-old Bill Seed had “tormented” his neighbours for over five years.

Bill Seed

Bill Seed

In a victim impact statement read to the court William Maxwell described his family’s treatment as “soul destroying.”

“Our neighbour’s despicable behaviour is matched by our despair,” said Mr Maxwell. “Little has changed despite time consuming and costly interventions. We have done all that has been asked of us, keeping calm and going through the courts only for one last chance to be given to our tormentortime after time.”

But District Judge Maggie McCormack sitting in Blackburn decided there were no more chances for Seed, of Higher Road, Longridge. She activated suspended prison sentences imposed in June and July and added four weeks for the latest breach of ASBO making a total of 20 weeks. As he was lead away Seed said: “They baited me like they were baiting a mouse trap.”

Enza Geldard, prosecuting, said the latest incident involved Seed using foul and abusive language towards Mr Maxwell who had been doing odd jobs around his home on a Saturday afternoon. He had been to the front of the house to mow his lawn and when he returned someone had shut the gates on the communal path. He asked Mrs Seed why the gates had been closed but didn’t engage in any further contact. Later he left some wood on a communal footpath and this time Seed approached and told him he couldn’t leave the wood there.

“Mr Maxwell said he didn’t enter into any verbal altercation with Mr Seed but as a result of the foul and abusive language aimed at him he felt alarmed and distressed,” said Mrs Geldard.

Seed refused to be represented by a solicitor claiming he had been let down by them in the past. He first attracted national media interest when he admitted trapping cats that strayed into his garden and then killing them.

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