No looking back - the future’s what really matters

Jo Worgan
Jo Worgan

Well the madness of Christmas Day seems like a distant memory now and 2015 has come to an end.

I suppose this is a time in which to reflect on the past year and make those all important New Year’s Resolutions.

However, I hate making New Year’s resolutions (I never keep them) and don’t really like to look back on what has happened. The future is what really matters, as well as the here and now.

Who knows what 2016 will bring? Only time will tell. All we can do is carry on and do the best we can, enjoying time with our family and friends... and to laugh a lot.

A sense of humour in this house most certainly helps as you never quite know what Tom will say or do. It makes life interesting that is for sure.

What I do think about though is Tom getting older, he will be eight this year. The years are passing by so quickly and him growing older is something that is always on my mind.

I’ve spoken to other parents of autistic children and they understand my concerns, those feelings of inadequacy when you just don’t know what the future will bring for your child.

Will they need additional help as an adult? Will they need assistance to live independently? What will happen when I am no longer here? These are real concerns, but something to be addressed at another time.

This week has all been about celebration, of enjoying time with my boys, playing games with them and trying to get my head around Minecraft. I’m slowly getting there.

It was a time for lazy days, reading stories and taking muddy walks.

It was also about saying goodbye to one year and welcoming another in to our lives, no matter what it will bring us. It is a new start.

So with that in mind, I wish you all a wonderful New Year.

I hope 2016 is a healthy and happy one for you all. Have a fantastic New Year!