New plea to save Longridge’s annual pram race day

A team in Longridge Boxing Day Pram Race, the last time it was held, in 2014.
A team in Longridge Boxing Day Pram Race, the last time it was held, in 2014.

A landlady and a former mayor are making a final plea to the community to rally round and save Longridge’s annual, renowned Boxing Day Pram Race.

Landlady of the Towneley Arms, Charlotte Horabin said: “I would like to appeal for people to help and try and get it back on track and form a new committee.”

Like many others, Charlotte was disappointed to learn the town’s field day committee had cancelled last week’s pram race and although everyone was still free to turn out in fancy dress and go out around the town on a pub crawl, which a number did, it is felt the day was not quite the same.

It did not the usual buzz, or raise funds for a good cause, and after others were disappointed too, there is now a groundswell of opinion the town should rally round and save the day.

Former town mayor and councillor Hilda Marle-Collis, whose family are staunch race supporters, says she would be willing to join a new committee and is keen to see some of the younger generation, perhaps some of those who have been entering in recent years, come forward and help organise the race.

She said: “The race is a tradition that has gone on for a long time and we need to keep it going.

“There is lots of camaraderie and some spend weeks making their costumes.”

Believed to be unique and known the world over, Hilda points out family members return to the town for Christmas from all corners of the globe and go out to watch the race, some even entering it.

One such person is Hilda’s grand daughter Kirsty Singleton who grew up in Longridge, but no longer lives here.

Kirsty says she looks forward to returning at Christmas and has been entering the race for five years now and describes it as “something different”.

This year she was part of the pub crawl team ‘Monsters, Inc’ and said: “I travel quite a lot and nowhere, anywhere else, has anything like it. It is quite unique. It is a tradition and it brings people out...I think it is quite cool.”

All interested in saving the race should contact Charlotte at the pub, or on 01772 780335.