Name chosen for new Longridge retirement complex

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A husband and wife team from Longridge has won a unique competition to name a new retirement development in Longridge.

Stephen Eccles, 51 a postman in Longridge and Jacqueline Eccles, 52, who works at Barnacre Road Primary School, submitted the winning entry of ‘Burey Court’ after noticing McCarthy and Stone’s ‘What’s in a Name’ competition for the retirement development on Barnacre Road.

The couple, who have lived in Longridge all their lives, won £250 which they have decided to put towards their next holiday, as well as an invitation to officially open the development later in the year.

When naming the development, Mr Eccles looked to the history of the site for his inspiration, said: “I decided on ‘Burey Court’ because there used to be a farm on the site called Burey Farm which later changed to Berry Farm. Living just 200 yards from the site thereabouts, my wife and I had wondered what it might be called, so when we saw the competition we thought it might be our chance to shape a little history of our own, so to speak.”

He added: “The site where the development is being built has been an eyesore for many years, and the previous building vandalised. You can see it from our house by looking out the window, so it’s great that it’s finally being redeveloped and the mess that was there is being cleared away. Knowing the area like I do, I can see it being really popular with local retirees and of great benefit to the rest of the community.”