Make sure you’re covered this Christmas

Keeping crime out of your Christmas.
Keeping crime out of your Christmas.
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One in three people are fuzzy about home insurance according to a survey, with home insurers urging people to take stock of their cover.

Research has highlighted that people leave themselves under insured for years and only realise when it’s too late.

Kieron Bassett

Kieron Bassett

The Association of British Insurers is warning that severe weather is becoming more frequent with leading insurers setting a side tens of millions of pounds per year.

So it is more important than ever that people take a grip of their insurances not just because of increasing flood risk, but also because we are now entering peak time for break-ins with theft claims being typically 20% higher during the festive season.

These days with everyone getting loaded up with high ticket items on Black Friday and Cyber Monday not only does the season start earlier but the pickings are also bigger.

Figures from last year indicate £933,000 was paid out each day for thefts in the run-up to Christmas with almost 500 claims per day.

In order to not be one of these statistics it is worthwhile making sure doors and windows are locked when you leave your home even if it is only for a short time, and do not run electricity cords through window cracks to power Christmas lights as this is an invitation to thieves.

Also, keep presents away from the window, or out of sight in an unattended car.

Finally, check that not only have you done your best to avoid a claim but if the worst happens that your policy is fit for purpose as alluded to earlier.

Check your home insurance will automatically increase cover over Christmas to make sure you are not under insured and, if this is not the case, increase the cover.

Ideally you should also have accidental damage cover to guard against seasonal threats such as wine spillages and destructive toddlers.