Louise will skydive in memory of dad

Gordon Topham. (s)
Gordon Topham. (s)
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A Clitheroe woman is set to skydive for Alzheimer’s Society in tribute to her late father who was a popular figure in the village of Billington.

Louise Topham (48) of Clitheroe will skydive from 10,000ft and hopes to raise more than £500 by taking part in the parachute jump at Black Knights Parachute Centre, Lancaster in September.

Gordon Topham was born at home in Longworth Road, Billington on May 15th, 1932. As a twelve-year-old, Gordon worked weekends for the village butcher to help family finances and at 14, he left school and began working full time.

In 1950, Gordon joined the RAF to do his national service. He went on to meet wife Maureen in the Whalley assembly rooms in 1958 and they married in 1960. The family was soon extended with the birth of son Edward and daughter Louise and Gordon lived the rest of his life in Billington, before passing away in April of this year.

Louise said: ‘I decided to take part in the challenge because my dad suffered with Alzheimer’s. To watch a loved one suffer with this terrible disease is awful, so it’s great to think that I will be raising funds to help support people to live with the conditions and fund research to find a cure.”

Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive at Alzheimer’s Society, said: “We are delighted that Louise is giving her time to support Alzheimer’s Society. One in three people over 65 will die with dementia. It is more than just memory loss; it robs people of their lives and has a devastating impact on families and loved ones.”